Best Offer Florists Art Club (BOFAC)

Buy flowers = cryptoinvestments

first time in history!

from Mr.DO only
Buying an NFT of our project, you are guaranteed to purchase a contract with the described delivery conditions for a similar bouquet from the picture, and in almost any country in the world.

By purchasing from us, you get flower delivery and a liquid crypto-asset in the form of NFT. The decentralized finance market (DeFi and GameFi) has been showing stable growth for several years.

NFT = bouquet with delivery

NFT = инвестиции

What is it NFT

A non-fungible token, NFT acronym, is an original creation, validated by a smart contract. But what does the purchase of NFT of our project mean for you:
We give step by step instructions on how to make your first purchase of a crypto asset, which in turn opens up new opportunities for you in the crypto market. A big plus is the connection between the real and virtual sectors

Since we are the world's first flower delivery service providers through NFT, we are confident in the sustainable growth of our project, and, accordingly, the growth in the value of our tokens. More purchases - more stable growth

NFT = trading experience

NFT = project development

А также NFT - на сегодня это один из самых надежных способов защиты авторского права
Buy NFT - get flower delivery
Here you can see the project profile on the platform of the world's largest NFT aggregator or leave your contacts so that our manager will contact you. Start investing right now!
Create an account in a crypto wallet. Opens a personal account on the platform
Register wallet
To the aggregator platform
Go to the aggregator platform to the desired collection and select NFT. Go to
Fill up a purse
Our collections are hosted on the Polygon network, so it is important to replenish with MATIC tokens

NFT payment
Upon payment, you will receive NFT in your assets. Then you need to fill out the delivery order form

How to buy
The NFT-florists project was created by professional florists with extensive experience in the flower business. We can confidently say that we have competencies in all areas of the flower business; from wholesale supplies of flower products from abroad and international delivery of flowers and gifts to event floristry and highly artistic floristry. Our project arose precisely in view of the extensive competencies in the profession and the confidence that floristry is a separate art form.
Therefore, we decided to immortalize our work in the NFT format, but at the same time we use an incentive model for the purchase of our tokens in the form of delivering the bouquet shown in the picture. The emergence of the decentralized finance market and its derivative in the form of NFT has opened up vast new opportunities for all of us, which will become a new milestone in the history of market relations, when any purchase, in the real sector, can turn into a profitable investment on digital platforms.

We wish you a pleasant shopping and profitable investment, and if you still have questions - fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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